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Kellen Curry:

It's time for a new mission — Restore honesty and integrity back to NY-3 leadership

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“Stand with me and support our mission for honest leadership in NY-3!”

Restoring Trust: Why NY-3 Needs New Leadership in 2024

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Trust in leadership is the fundamental building block of American democracy. But, how can we believe that our government is working for us when our leaders violate our ability to trust? In 2024, we have the opportunity to change our leadership and restore honesty and integrity to our congressional representation.

From day 1 George Santos has completely violated our trust. As a result, our equities are not carried on Capitol Hill, our interest are not advocated for in the Congress and our phone calls continue to go unanswered. It’s time for change. It’s time for new leadership. And, it’s time for a fresh face that we can actually believe in. That’s why I’m running for Congress. If you want to join me in restoring trust to NY-3 please sign up to stay in touch and chip in a donation today.

My journey to New York began in 2018 at J.P. Morgan's Corporate and Investment Bank following eight years of active duty service in the Air Force and multiple tours of duty in Afghanistan. As a military officer I held a Top Secret security clearance in partnering with private companies to deliver critical cyber security technology for our country’s military. I know exactly what it takes to lead with trust, defend our national security and secure our economic future.

I'm an Oklahoma native and the proud son of public servants in my mother and father; the stepson of a beautiful story of immigration to America in my stepmother; and a small-town kid from the Oklahoma countryside in my stepfather.

I continue to serve our nation in the Air Force Reserves and I'm pursuing a Master of Science in Sports Management at Columbia University, where I volunteer with Positive Coaching Alliance, a non-profit organization that strives to create a positive youth sports environment in communities across the country.

As Congressman, I will stand for truth, New York values and work every day to secure our future. With your support in this campaign, we can make our voices heard in Congress and put our leadership back on the side of truth for NY-3 residents. We invite you to share your views and ideas on how we can win this campaign - and bring the changes we need in Washington. Please join us today!

“Stand with me and support our mission for honest leadership in NY-3!”

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