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Economy, Jobs & Small Businesses

We must send members to Congress who understand the economy and the need to get Washington's spending addiction under control. High inflation, taxes and the cost of living on Long Island and around the country demands real solutions to help families thrive. 

As Congressman I will:


Control spending. Our looming deficits, slow economic growth, and high inflation are creating a crisis for families and the next generation. I will work to eliminate ineffective and wasteful programs and strengthen our social safety net programs that are headed for insolvency including Social Security and Medicare. With $32 trillion in national debt, we need next generation leadership to solve the debt crisis from start to finish so our children don’t have to bear the consequences.


Champion small businesses. We need to cherish and grow our small businesses, not tax them. Tax cuts boost growth and bring in long-term revenue for the country. Small businesses are the best sustainable job creators, not the government. 


Reduce regulatory burden. Overregulation is undermining the vitality of small businesses in everything from medical devices, private health care practices and energy infrastructure projects. The only way we can grow the economy is to unleash it by reducing stifling regulations.


Expand trade opportunities with Central and South America. Enhancing trade agreements in Central and South America with like-minded nations would open market access to American business and help stabilize partner nations. Currently, these countries have been neglected by the Biden administration and are now establishing trade agreements with China instead, who is trying to gain more influence in the region by burdening countries with unsustainable debt and tethering them to rely on China.

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