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Merchant Marine Academy

As an Air Force Academy graduate, I know firsthand the value our federal service academies bring to local communities and our national security. Located right here in NY-3 at Kings Point, the US Merchant Marine Academy is one of our crown jewels. 

As Congressman I will:

Work to deliver more federal funding to our Merchant Marine Academy. Our academy deserves the federal resources it needs to rebuild the campus, produce world class sealift officers and realize its fullest potential to the nation. We must send a strong message to China that American sealift power is up to the task of sustaining naval operations anywhere in the world and our Merchant Marine Academy is on the front lines of providing this critically important capability. 

Modernize and strengthen the American shipping industry to create a more resilient U.S. economy. Merchant mariners play an incredibly important role in moving the nation’s economy. Roughly 40% of U.S. imports and exports – or the goods we see on store shelves come through the ocean shipping industry. We saw during the pandemic what can happen when this vital part of our economy slows down. 

I look forward to being the Congressional Champion our Merchant Marine Academy deserves and America needs.

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