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Public Safety & Law Enforcement

"Taking a comprehensive approach, and supporting our law enforcement officers leads to strong communities, economies, and families. I will always fight for blue." -- Kellen Curry

Our officers stand on the front line against rising crime levels across the country due to far-left policies. Our law enforcement heroes serve as mentors and allies to the next generation, and those in need.

Our communities face the negative impact of officers under attack. Crime is top of mind for voters. I hear from so many of our neighbors that they try to avoid using public transit or going into the city when they can avoid it.  Over 50,000 officers are assaulted every year while performing their duties, according to FBI statistics. Assailants use personal weapons, firearms, knives and more to attack our police officers. These officers put their lives on the line every day for us. It is paramount we have empathy for the challenges they and their families face.

As Congressman I will:

Advocate for smarter bail policies. When pretrial assessments conclude individuals are at high risk for reoffending or committing violence, we cannot allow deficient bail to be set in the name of “reform”. That is not reform. That is unconscionable, and immoral.

Defend legislation to support families of officers injured or killed on the job. We have a solemn oath to those who step up to defend our neighborhoods, and we must ensure their families receive full care and support possible. This includes ensuring the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund continues. 

Increase work benefits and training. Our officers want to give their best at all times. As leaders, we need to cultivate their service, and support more time to refresh, manage stress, and avoid burnout. Furthermore, training is not a one-and-done exercise. New and refresher training is paramount to enhancing policing skills and reminding our seasoned servicemen and women of the best practices in defusing and de-escalating encounters. 

Oppose harmful rhetoric. Criminals are emboldened by politicians who casually criticize police officers and who support misguided movements like “defund the police”. This is an unreasonable and irresponsible narrative that convinces at-risk individuals that police officers have bad intentions. As Congressman, I will be among the most compelling voices in the room when it comes to showing our staunch support for our law enforcement.

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