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Women's Health and Abortion

"As Congressman, I pledge to spend my time working to create a society where women of all backgrounds see a bright future ahead of them, their children and families." -- Kellen Curry

We need elected officials who lead with compassion, and seek to understand the health challenges women face.

Women's Health

We must ensure access to the best maternal and prenatal care possible. Maternal mortality rates in American is far too high. This is important to all women but especially black women who are twice as likely to die in pregnancy than their peers. There are wo things we can do to address this issue. Ensure women-focused research is funded adequately and prioritize growing the midwife industry in America so that women can receive low risk care early in pregnancy from a midwife rather than a high-cost surgeon later in the pregnancy. Right now, only 11% of U.S. births are attended by midwives, according to the Center for Disease Control. We can and should do better. Incentivizing professional autonomy for midwives to operate would help lead to expanded coverage this is one step we can take to keep women healthy and safe during pregnancy. 


I am pro-life. The abortion issue is on the minds of the American people, and they deserve to know where candidates stand. I stand for a Republican Party that is compassionate on this issue and that upholds long standing common sense exceptions in the cases of rape, incest, and a threat to a mother's life. I believe the government has a role to play in encouraging women and families to choose life and creating a culture of life in America. We can achieve this by leading with compassion, making contraceptive devices readily available and supporting public policies that ease the economic burden on raising children.

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