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PRESS RELEASE: Kellen Curry Raised Over $200K in 2Q23

Long Island New York - July 8, 2023

First Time Candidate Kellen Curry Raised Over $200K From Nearly 500 Donations in His First Quarter

By Friends of Kellen Curry

(Long Island, NY) – Registered Federal Election Commission committees including Friends of Kellen Curry and the Honest Leadership PAC raised over $200,000 between April and July from local and national donors in support of the Kellen’s mission to restore honest leadership to NY-3.

Kellen Curry made the following statement, “We knew we had to demonstrate strength right out of the gate. I am proud of our small but mighty team for all the work we put in and I am humbled by the hundreds of people that made a downpayment on our ultimate goal of winning this race so we can get back to doing the business of the people. I want to thank the many constituents, business owners, and community leaders in the district who have reached out to us over the last three months. The trust they have shown in our candidacy to listen to their issues and viewpoints is extremely humbling yet invigorating because we have the opportunity to make a real difference.”

“People resonate with our message of sticking to kitchen-table issues that matter to families, and not getting caught up with other distractions taking place. We have remained focused on the ideas of limited government, low taxes, strong national defense, free market enterprise and safe communities. There is too much on the line now, and we must get this right to help families thrive and protect the next generation.”

Kellen’s campaign is committed to a focus on real issues and outworking any other campaign to listen to the concerns of voters, connect with local leaders, and gain the trust of NY-3 residents. Kellen has also taken to heart being a champion for the United States Merchant Marine Academy, located in NY-3 at Kings Point, NY.

“One of the best experiences I had was touring the United States Merchant Marine Academy with alumni and cheering on the recent graduating class. These courageous men and women play a pivotal role to our nation’s security and economy as merchant marine officers. This institution is a pillar of our community and deserves unwavering support from federal officials.”

“Stand with me and support our mission for honest leadership in NY-3!”

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