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Kellen Curry Raises the Most in Total Contributions Out of All the Republican Candidates, as George Santos Heads Back to Court

Long Island New York - Oct 25, 2023

Kellen Curry Raises the Most in Total Contributions Out of All the Republican Candidates

By Friends of Kellen Curry

(Long Island, NY) – FEC reports are out, and Kellen Curry, Afghanistan War veteran, and former Vice President at JP Morgan, has raised the most in Total Contributions out of all the Republican candidates in this election cycle-to-date: $344,314.02. Kellen issued the following statement:

“We’ve seen a few Republican candidates take out $150-$300K in loans. Jokingly, one might argue that jumping to put their campaign in debt would make them perfect for Congress. However, when you dig deeper into the numbers, you’ll see our campaign is the strongest, and focused on building a legitimate, sustainable fundraising operation needed to win this battleground district. As of today, we have surpassed 1,900 individual donations and continue to be powered by everyday people concerned about the direction of our district and country.”

“Our campaign message is resonating with donors and voters across the district and the country, and we are built to last. Most weekends, I knock on a hundred doors. The communities are sick and tired of talking about George Santos and want to know what we are going to do about securing the border and controlling our spending. We need experienced, next generation leaders who will go to Congress and set spending on a stable glide path towards sound fiscal policy.”

“Stand with me and support our mission for honest leadership in NY-3!”

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