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PRESS RELEASE: George Santos Faces House Vote To Expel Him

Long Island, New York - May 17, 2023

Kellen Curry Urges Congress to Hold George Santos Accountable if Ethics Committee Finds He Violated the Law

By Friends of Kellen Curry

(Long Island, NY) – Yesterday, Representative Robert Garcia introduced House Resolution 114 to expel George Santos from the House of Representatives. In response, Kellen Curry urges Congress to hold him accountable if the bipartisan House Ethics Committee finds he broke the law.

Kellen Curry made the following statement, “The Air Force Academy ramp, that all cadets walk up during the first day of bootcamp, has the following words inscribed: Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in All We Do. George Santos has skipped step 1, but what he fails to realize is that Integrity comes first in public service and is foundational to everything else.”

Kellen’s campaign is committed to staying focused on real issues and outworking any other campaign to listen to the concerns of voters, connect with local leaders, and to gain the trust of NY-3 residents.

“I did not join this race to throw punches down at my opponent. I’ll leave that to the Democrats. The people of NY-3 deserve better than these kinds of distractions, and we must look forward to delivering real results for our communities, youth, and nation. Public officials owe the American people a sacred obligation to represent our values with truth and transparency. As an Afghanistan War veteran, I know the importance of having your teammates back, but without trust, a team cannot operate effectively.”

Kellen’s campaign is proud to have gained substantial support and donations from across New York’s 3rd Congressional District, and the country. “While we are postured to win a Republican Primary in 2024, if a special election takes place sooner, we are ready to answer the call.”

“Stand with me and support our mission for honest leadership in NY-3!”

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