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PRESS RELEASE: George Santos Indicted by the Department of Justice

Long Island, New York - May 9, 2023

Kellen Curry Urges George Santos’s Full Cooperation and Renews Call for Honest Leadership in Response to Department of Justice Criminal Charges

By Friends of Kellen Curry

(Long Island, NY) – Following the Department of Justice’s announcement to bring federal charges against George Santos, Kellen Curry sprints forward to bring honest leadership to NY-3.

Kellen Curry made the following statement, “I am deeply concerned by the serious criminal charges filed against my opponent, George Santos. While Santos is trying to bring more entertainment to politics, the constituents of NY-3 continue to go unrepresented. New Yorkers deserve a representative that is focused and dedicated to serving them with integrity.”

Kellen’s campaign is committed to working harder than any other campaign to listen to the concerns of voters, connect with local leaders, and to gain the trust of NY-3 residents.

“I did not join this race to throw punches while my opponent is down. The people of NY-3 do not want to see leaders insulting each other. They deserve better than these kinds of distractions, and we must look forward to delivering real results for our communities, youth, and nation. I urge Mr. Santos to fully cooperate with federal authorities and take responsibility for his actions. I believe honesty and integrity are critical values for anyone seeking to represent the people of this great country. As we champion forward, I will continue to fight for transparency and accountability in government.”

Kellen’s campaign is proud to have gained support from across New York’s 3rd Congressional District, and the country. “The outpour of support and donations are incredible, and we look forward to sharing our progress at the end of this quarter. The residents of Queens and Nassau County are made up of great people that care for one another and who yearn for honest leadership. They deserve someone who will fight for them, and I intend to be that person.”

“Stand with me and support our mission for honest leadership in NY-3!”

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